The Vault

The Vault

Game Dimensions – 36” W x 48” H x 18” D

Weight – 40 lbs

The Mission

Attempt to unlock The Vault by cracking the “secret code” in just 30 seconds! Using the hand-held trigger, try to stop the orbiting WHITE light in a RED “locked” zone. Progress through all 5 digits of the code and you win!


Skill Settings

Prior to starting the game, easily select one of the four difficulty levels. With varying degrees of difficulty, The Vault provides entertainment for a wide range of player abilities.

Difficulty Setting

Visual and Audible Indicators

Monitor your game progress using the countdown timer and LED indicators of the “secret code”. Successfully crack the code and the tumblers turn GREEN, along with an audible win soundtrack and scrolling “WINNER” message. The time remaining is then displayed should you wish to better your time or have a leaderboard challenge. Fail to unlock The Vault in 30 seconds and the tumblers turn RED, along with an audible siren and “FAIL” scrolling message.

Timer Display

The 30 second timer will automatically begin on game start.

Levels Lights

Monitor the game progress by watching the digits of the code UNLOCK before time runs out.

Volume Control

Volume control and sound card access panel.

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