AVT Castle Clash

A must for any Family Entertainment Center, CASTLE CLASH is a fun and exciting attraction that allows participants to test their skill and luck, while battling friends or foe. Teams of two enter into their respective castles and defend their position with the aid of water guns. As targets randomly light on the opposing side, players can choose to collect valuable points to blast their cannons, or distract their opponents by spraying them directly. Watch out, a fury of blasts and shower of mist will rein down on the loosing team.

Designed with the family fun center or Amusement Park in mind, guests only receive a mild amount of water through the game play, allowing them to carry on their day comfortably. In keeping with our tradition, water cannons and effects can be custom tailored to meet the desires of any operator; from a light mist to a soaking. A full soundtrack plays for the duration of the game, including: introductory announcement, background sound during play, and a winner announcement, further enhancing the customer experience. This attraction is sure to draw a crowd.

Looking for something really spectacular? Add our giant Water-Blasting Dragons to your Castle Clash game today!

AVT Castle Clash
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