Double the fun and increase profits by adding BUMP "N" BLAST to your new or existing bumper boat pond. There is skill, timing, strategy, anticipation, and most of all FUN. BUMP "N" BLAST provides a higher level of interaction for riders. Bump the pressure sensing target when the sign light is on, and activate an explosion of water, powerful mist, or water spray directed over the pool. Now is the time to add just that little extra to your investment and change your Bumper Boat ride from "Ho hum" to "Awesome, let's go again!". Add as many as you like and theme them accordingly, or choose from some of our standard designs; Pirate Cannon, Pirate Crate, or Tiki.

Completely transform your Bumper Boat attraction by adding our multi-unit controller to your installation. Includes a built in ride timer, choreographed end-of-ride blast sequences, choreographed attract mode blast sequences, full control over almost every setting, in addition to optional sound capability and coin-operated blast capability.

Bump N Blast Explanation
"Our boat revenue has increased over 40%"
"Excellent addition to our Bumper Boats!"
"Every boat pond should have at least two units"
"Exceptional customer service & support"
Bump N Blast Bump N Blast
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